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About this site

What is PA Web?

We know that finding, recruiting and retaining Personal Assistants can be difficult and want to help make the experience as simple and stress free as possible.

Bolton Council and Bolton Integrated Care Partnership have been working with Public Partnerships (PPL) to create a website that will help connect people looking for Personal Assistants with suitable Personal Assistants.

PA Web has been created to:

  • provide information, advice and support for PAs and people looking for PAs
  • connect people looking for PAs (Personal Budget Holders or Self Funders) with suitable PAs, by providing them with a list of criteria to choose from and allowing them to filter their results to find the right PA for them
  • help link PAs with other PAs in the community through local groups and events
  • No need to complete multiple applications
  • Allows users to check suitability before coming to you, so you know you meet their key criteria
  • Job vacancies come to you!
  • Find information and advice to support you in being a PA
  • Find local events that can support you and help integrate you into the PA community
  • Allows you to browse potential PAs and choose your own PA
  • Allows you to filter based on your key criteria so you know the responses you get will be from relevant PAs
  • Find information and advice about employing a PA
  • Find local events happening in your area

Information, Advice and Guidance

We've created a wealth of information pages to help both Personal Assistants and employers of Personal Assistants.

Our information for employers section includes guidance on a range of items, such as:

  • benefits of employing a Personal Assistant in Care,
  • the recruitment process,
  • arranging interviews,
  • employing a Personal Assistant, and
  • dealing with problems.


Our information for Personal Assistants section, or people who are considering becoming a Personal Assistant, includes information such as:

  • benefits of working as Personal Assistant,
  • what the role involves,
  • training and development options, and
  • local and national support.

Matching Tool

To use the matching portal on this website, you must complete the registration process after which you will receive log in details to access your account and begin enjoying the benefits of PA Web.

The matching portal allows people looking for PAs to create adverts detailing exactly what they want, and then select a number of key criteria i.e. area, days of the week, etc. that results in a filtered list of PAs relevant to them. The user can then visit the PAs profiles to find out more about them and select which PAs they would like to send their advert to.

Once the advert has been sent, the chosen PAs will receive an email notification asking them to log in to the portal to view their messages. The PAs can review the advert and decide whether to respond to the sender.

The sender can then decide which PA(s) they would like to pursue and take the conversation off the website and into the real world.

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