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What is a Personal Assistant?

Although Personal Assistants (PAs) are the second largest workforce in social care, many people are unaware the role exists or what it means. Most people might think being a PA involves working in an office, fulfilling business and admin tasks. However, there is a different type of Personal Assistant – the Personal Assistant in Care, who supports people with a specific need to live independently and lead their best possible life.

A Personal Assistant in Care is employed by an individual employer to assist them with their care and support needs.

It is not a care role in the traditional sense - the role is hugely varied and can range from providing personal care or administering medicine to accompanying people to social activities or supporting them at their place of work. 

As a Personal Assistant, you may be involved in many aspects of your employer’s life and may be asked to support them in the home, community or at work.

Last reviewed: 20/11/2020