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What are the benefits of employing a PA?

Why might someone employ a Personal Assistant?

There are many reasons why an individual may choose a Personal Assistant in Care to support them. 

Employing a Personal Assistant allows you to: 

  1. Have choice and control over your care 
    It allows the individual to choose exactly what they want support with and when they want this support. 
  2. Decide who supports you 
    It allows the individual to choose exactly who they want support with – they can choose someone with similar interests and values. 
    You have lots of choice when it comes to employing a PA – you can look for a PA online, in your local community or via an agency or organisation. Alternatively, you can employ a family member or friend to work as your PA. 
  3. Be flexible 
    Unlike agencies which work on schedules, you can decide exactly when you would like your PA to support you. As you directly employ your PA, you can negotiate and agree timings and schedules with them first-hand. 
  4. Have one person supporting you 
    It means that the individual has one consistent carer that they can form a connection with, rather than having different agency staff. 

Key benefits of employing a Personal Assistant in Care include: 

  • Receive support in different aspects of your life 
  • Employ more than one PA if you wish 
  • Employ a PA who has the same interests as you 
  • Build a longer-term professional relationship with your PA 
  • Employ a PA you have a good connection with 
  • Feel a difference to your life 
  • Create your own tailor-made package of care 
  • Employ one individual who works directly for you, rather than agency staff who may change regularly 

Who can employ a Personal Assistant?

Anyone with a care and support need can employ a Personal Assistant in Care. This includes: 

  • Direct payment recipients 
  • Personal health budget recipients 
  • Self funders (people who do not receive a budget from the local authority or NHS for their support) 
  • A representative of someone with care and support needs  
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