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Support for Personal Assistants in Care

The working environment of a Personal Assistant is unique, and means you are often working alone with your employer. You might not have any colleagues to talk to, share things with, or get support from.  

If you are feeling isolated or need some guidance, there are a number of ways you can get support: 

Peer support

Personal Assistant networks, support groups or forums are a great way of accessing and providing emotional, practical or social help and sharing knowledge and experience with others. These can take place online, or in face to face groups.  

The other PAs involved will understand and appreciate the benefits and challenges of your role. If you can’t find a group in your area, you could consider starting one yourself. 

Support organisations

There are a range of organisations that support individual employers and personal assistants, such as user led organisations (ULOs), disabled people's organisations (DPOs), direct payment and PHB support services, and other third sector or charity organisations


Unions, such as Unison, offer help resolving issues and confidential, support and guidance. There is usually a fee to join, but you’ll receive a number of benefits in return, for example access to the Personal Assistant Support Network which Unison offers. 

Enrol on a training course

As well as increasing your skills and understanding, training courses can be an excellent way of meeting people in a similar role. The trainer also provides an opportunity to seek advice and tap into their knowledge and experience. Your employer may be able to provide advice on training course, or you can find resources online. 

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