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What does the role involve?

The role is very varied -  it is unlikely two jobs will ever be the same! This is because the employer chooses exactly how they want you to support them, which could range from a befriending visit once a week to regular support with daily tasks.  

Some of the tasks you might be asked to support an individual employer with may include:

  • Providing transport – driving them or helping them on public transport 
  • Carrying out household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, meal preparation, organising paperwork, etc. 
  • Accompanying them to appointments 
  • Providing companionship 
  • Preparing meals and assist with eating 
  • Socialising – helping them meet new people and develop new friendships 
  • Communicating their wants and needs
  • Pursing hobbies and interests such as going swimming, going to the cinema or even going on holiday. 
  • Supporting them at their place of education or work.
  • Providing personal care, including support to dress, wash and bathe. 

Not all employers will request all the tasks above, it may be that your employer wants support with just one or two of these tasks – or maybe even different tasks.  

The tasks and working arrangement are agreed with the employer and the role should be reviewed regularly to ensure that your employer’s needs are being met in the best way possible and that you are happy with any new requirements. 

Hear from Personal Assistants

Angela, PA

Companionship is the most important thing for my employer, since her husband died she doesn’t see many people, so I pop over every weekday to make a cup of a tea, prepare her a hot meal and have a chat. The hour I spend with her each day lifts her spirits and reassures her family that she’s safe as someone is checking in.

Jan, PA

I support my employer with her personal care. I help her get out of bed in the morning, bathe, dress and assist her when using the toilet. The support I provide her with enables her to stay in her own home.

Sam, PA

David has a learning disability and employs me to help him remain independent. He works part time in an office and I accompany him to provide support.

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